If you’re a blogger then you may be looking for ways to get more people to your blog.

And in order to do that, you need to be showing up for searches in Google.

One way to make sure that your blog shows up more in Google is by getting more backlinks to your blog posts.

Not sure how to check your backlinks?

We reached out to some expert bloggers to learn their favorite backlink checkers for bloggers.

Top Paid Backlink Checkers

If you don’t mind paying for a SEO tool to check your backlinks, then these are best paid backlink checkers on the market.


My favorite backlink checker is Ahrefs. I’ve tried several different tools like SEMRush and Open Link Profiler.

I think Ahrefs pulls the most backlinks to show you compared to other tools.

I also like that I can setup email alerts to get updates on new and lost links, which saves me time.

— contributed by Jacob Kovacs, Wholistic Research

I’ve used a variety of tools over the years, but I think that Ahrefs if the best that it gets. Their backlink database seems to be larger than any other tool.

I’ve seen new links show up in Ahrefs that just never appear in SEMRush and other tools.

That’s why I always recommend Ahrefs when someone needs a backlink checker tool.

–contributed by Garth Adams, I Know The Pilot

ahrefs backlinks


I started using SEMrush a few years ago because it was cheaper than Ahrefs, but I’ve never stopped using it.

I did do the week trial of Ahrefs to compare it against SEMrush, but honestly I don’t really see the need to change.

SEMrush does a great job of finding links pointed at my site, as it does so at a cheaper monthly cost than Ahrefs.

— contributed by Alex Williams, Greenery Guide

I’ve used a lot of backlink checkers and I find that that SEMRush is the best bang for the buck.

Sure, it doesn’t have quite the database that you get with Ahrefs, but it’s so much cheaper that it makes it the better choice.

Plus, you get a whole suite of tools in one with SEMRush. I think it’s the perfect backlink checker both for beginners and experienced website owners.

— Pete Danylewycz, US Angler

Link Research Tools

I’m sure most people are going to tell you that Ahrefs is the best for backlinks, but the truth is that Link Research Tools beats them.

It’s a premium priced tool and it manages to see 100% of links – even the ones people try to hide. This is also what makes it the best tool for doing a link audit.

— contributed by Kevin Jourdan, Dotmarket

I do a lot of indepth site audits, including checking backlinks, and I think that Lin Research Tools is really the only tool for the job here.

No other tool out there can find the quantity of links that you get with LRT. This tool is seriously a beast when it comes to finding all your backlinks.

–contributed by Hafiz Muhammad Ali, Omnicore

Moz Link Explorer

Moz is the tool that I use to check for backlinks and to keep track of my site’s DA.

I’m sure there are other tools out there that are just as good, and maybe better, but this is just what I’ve always used.

Moz is very user-friendly and it seems to pick up new links quickly.

–contributed by Isaac Bullen, Oz Party Events

I use the Moz Link Explorer for my backlink checking. I like that you can use it 10 times per month for free.

I find that as a new blogger, this is really all that I need at this time. I think it’s a great entry level backlink tool for beginners.

— contributed by Lilian Dodd, The Hobby Kraze

Monitor Backlinks

I started out using Monitor Backlinks after seeing it recommended on a SEO blog.

It’s the only thing that I’ve ever used and it seems to do a really good job of pulling in all the backlinks.

When I first learned about it, people were saying that it even shows hidden links.

— contributed by Taurus Sinkus, 21 Day Hero


I use the Mangools set of tools for my backlink checking.

I feel like they offer a great set of tools, including the backlink checker, at a very affordable cost.

And for my needs, it gets the job done. I don’t know if it’s worth paying more for something like Ahrefs when this works so well.

— contributed by Kristin Young, Snorkel and Hike

Majestic SEO

I’ve been building blogs for years now and I started using Majestic almost right from the start so that I could get that Trust Flow and Citation Flow data.

But I also use it for backlinks because I’m so used to the interface of the tool.

I don’t want to have to waste time learning a new tool when this one does the job. Plus, I don’t want to have to pay for more than one tool.

— contributed by Rene Langer, Pick HVAC

Top Free Backlink Checkers

If you don’t have the budget yet for a paid backlink tool, then see if one of these free tools works for you.


My favorite backlink checker that is 100% free is Ubersuggest. Many people use it just to do keyword research, but it can do so much more!

You get 3 free searches per day for checking backlinks. So, if you only have one site, then it’s more than enough to do the job.

— contributed by Adena Adams, The Sage Divine

ubersuggest backlinks report

Google Search Console

Though it’s not a traditional backlink checker, you can get a lot of information about your blog’s backlinks direct from Google.

It’s free to use Google Search Console and it gives you more than just backlinks data on your site.

I like to use Search Console to check backlinks because it shows me exactly what Google sees, instead of what some third party tool is seeing.

And I prefer to get my site info direct from the source.

— contributed by Griffin Henley at Oxford Gold Group

Open Link Profiler

My favorite place to check for new backlinks to my blog is Open Link Profiler. It’s free to use, but on a limited daily basis.

I’ve been using it for years and never really had to upgrade to the paid version. It gives a surprising amount of data on your links for free.

— contributed by Anita Carroll, Very Create

open link explorer


I use the free backlinker checker tool on The HOTH website.

It is powered by SEMRush and it doesn’t require a payment to use.

As someone who is relatively new to the idea of backlinks, I like that this tool is free and easy to use.

— contributed by Michael Fayard, Fayard Law

SEO Spyglass

I use SEO Spyglass to check for backlinks to my website.

It is free to use and the way that they output the information makes it really easy to understand and analyze.

I actually prefer using this tool over Ahrefs.

— contributed by Nunzio Ross, Majesty Coffee

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