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You want to guest post for free, but we want to pay
you for it instead. It’s nothing personal. It’s just that we think you should get paid for
your work. Don’t you?
So, if you want to submit a guest post, feel free to use the Contact Us
form and share your ideas with us. Your chances of having your guest post
accepted aren’t very good, however. (They are better than zero, but still
not very good.) Here’s why.
Most people who find this page won’t read it at all and will slap in a formulaic
request to post. Strike one. Of the people who do take the time to discover
what our site is all about, most of them will try to convince us of how much
value they can bring to our blog and how they can write about so many things
and do it so well. Strike two. Most of those folks will have some thinly
veiled (or completely obtuse) marketing objective, and will demonstrate in
the course of their request that they would not be sensitive to the needs of
the host blog (us), and actually can’t write very well anyway. Strike three.
Now, do you really want to get run through that ringer? Assuming you truly can
write well, then you absolutely should write for us, and get paid while
you’re at it.
Writing for Us Can Be a Challenge We’ve got some standards, people. Some very serious standards. While we
don’t exactly take ourselves seriously, our clients and the host blogs where
we publish have every reason to expect the best work from us. So before you
proceed any further, take a gander at our Article Guidelines there in the
right margin. Go ahead, read through it. We’ll wait…
What did you think? Can you write to our standards? Do you understand the world
of blogging? If you think so, then here’s what you need to know about getting
paid to write on this, the Content BLVD of dreams.
We provide outsourced guest blogging services for our clients. They need to have interesting pieces written and accepted by authoritative blogs
to help them build authority and credibility for their websites. We help them
do that by sourcing the content (from skilled writers like you), then pitching
the content to relevant blogs.
The topics can vary widely. The good news is that you get to choose topics that
best suit you and the sort of writing you do best. The bad news? Well, that
depends on how you look at it…
Our program pays writers “on spec.” That means we pay for each article once it’s accepted by a blog. The better
the blog placement, the more we get paid by our clients (and therefore, the
more we can pay our writers). Right now, our primary measure of a blog’s
quality or “authority,” is Google PageRank. Better PageRank (PR) yields
better links, which is why clients pay us more for them.
Because it’s in our interest to post articles on the highest authority blogs
each client needs, it’s in our writers’ interest to write the best content
they can.
Blogs only accept pieces they like– they don’t pay us, and we don’t pay
them. All of the money comes from our clients, to compensate us and our
writers. This is not a blog network where articles are published
automatically. The work has to be good enough to earn a spot– when it
is, our writers are paid well for it.
If you aren’t comfortable with that, don’t apply. We don’t pay for
articles that don’t meet the needs of our publishers. On the other hand,
if you’re tired of getting bottom-dollar rates for work that you know is
worth more, this might be the place for you.
Applying to write for us is easy. Well, the application is easy. Getting accepted is another story. As you
might imagine, we’re inundated with applicants looking for freelance
writing jobs, and we can’t take them all. We’re careful to accept writers
who know what it means to deliver value for writers.
To apply, click here to get started. Or
visit our page, How to Get Paid to Write to learn more.
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