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How to Pick the Right Brand Ambassador



With the rise in popularity of social media, influencers and third party content, brands are clamoring to figure out a marketing strategy that intuitively incorporates these new marketing formats in order to obtain a competitive edge.  One of the most popular ways brands are aligning with influencers is through brand ambassadorships.


With so many influencers showcasing large followings and a steady stream of content, it can be confusing as to which influencer would best represent your brand. Here are four simple tips on how to pick the right influencer for your brand:


  1. Profile - A good brand ambassador is an influencer with a decent following who has been creating content for at least a few years. A decent following ranges from 5,000 to over a 1 million subscribers. The key thing you're seeking is an influencer with experience. You want to be sure this person is consistently posting content and that there are no large gaps of time between the posts. Influencers with good sized followings treat their platforms with a sense of professionalism which ensures they will treat your brand ambassadorship with the same respect and attention.
  2. Personality - When seeking a good brand ambassador, you will want to seek someone who fits the identity of your brand. For example, if your brand manufactures healthy skin care products, your best brand ambassadors will be women and men who are health conscious, have great skin and who speak about healthy alternatives when it comes to beauty, food and wellness. The key is to seek those who are already in alignment with your brand vision.
  3. Credibility - A good brand ambassador has the trust and validation of his/her audience because of the consistent and trustworthy content he/she has churned out over the years. Take the time to sift through some videos or blog posts and see how they handle product reviews and hauls. Are they honest about the products or do they blindly endorse any and everything they receive. A good influencer will not sell themselves to the highest bidder - they will only promote and highlight products they believe in, use and stand by. Their credibility translates into brand awareness, loyalty and recognition for the products they endorse on their channels.
  4. Professionalism - In order to foster a healthy and successful relationship with an influencer, it's highly important that he/she is professional. Being that this individual will be an extension of your brand to the public, its best to pick an influencer who converses with his/her followers in a professional manner. In addition, the influencer should be open to feedback from you in regards to campaigns and content so that both parties are happy with the arrangement. You can gather a lot about an influencer just by seeing how they conduct themselves via their social media channels. Do an audit of their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms.

Signing up with a great brand ambassador can be the difference your company has been seeking. From increased consumer exposure to increased revenue, there are a myriad of benefits that come from working with an experienced influencer.



10 Ways to Boost Your YouTube Subscribers Today




In the world of influencer marketing, it's all about followers. Every day, you're seeking ways to increase your subscribers or followers so that you can garner attention from top brands and begin to make some revenue from your channels and/or platforms.

Well, here at Content Blvd, we're all about helping you create the platform of your dreams with compelling content that engages your audience and helps identify you as a thought leader and content creator.

Here are the top 10 ways to increase your YouTube followers today!


  1. Write out your scripts.

Preparation is the key to success. Before sitting down to film a video about your latest shopping haul or a product review, you will want to jot down a script. You may be wondering why you need a script? It will keep you organized, on task and help you describe the product and/or brand with more clarity and accuracy which equals better content and higher audience satisfaction.  


  1. Create evergreen content.

Evergreen content is the content that you will become known for. It's the foundation of your channel. For instance, if you're a technology influencer, your evergreen content may consist of gadget hauls, app reviews and trend reports. This is what your audience comes to you for. It's your bread and butter and surefire way to increase followers.


  1. Consistently post on a weekly basis.

The more often you post, the more followers you will acquire. Audiences love to see consistent posting as they feel confident you will deliver high quality content on a weekly basis. Many influencers have become one of the top sources of information for consumers when shopping.


  1. Personalize your video thumbnails.

Make sure your thumbnails are customized so that audiences can clearly see what the video is about before even clicking on it. You will find that your click through rate increases significantly when you start using customized thumbnails.


  1. Produce a channel trailer.

Giving your channel a trailer is a highly creative and effective way to showcase your channel to new followers. Make it short, to the point and a good representation of you, your content and your channel. Just like at the movies when a trailer wets your appetite, a good trailer will have followers hitting the subscribe button.


  1. Incorporate compelling call to action buttons.

There's nothing more compelling than including a sign up now or subscribe today button in your videos. Many potential followers will be quick to sign up when given the chance.


  1. Keep videos under 5 minutes.

Audiences have short attention spans so you will want to make sure your content is concise, well-thought out and under five minutes. The longer the videos, the more apt the audience will be to move on. The most highly converted videos were under five minutes according to Comscore.


  1. Invest in a good intro and outro.

Just like a great trailer, you will want to create a personalized intro and outro that lives at the beginning and end of your videos. This intro and outro are branding bookends that help identify your channel and lend a more professional feel to your content.


  1. Edit. Edit. Edit.

Great editing is the key to great content. Cut out any unnecessary footage or content that doesn't push your overall content forward. Be sure to include some interesting angles and cuts so that your videos are entertaining and  informative.


  1. Meta tags are your BFF.

Audiences seek out videos and content via keywords searches in major search engines like Google’s. Search engines rely upon the words you use to describe your videos, as well as the video’s titles and meta tags. Be sure to be as descriptive as possible to ensure the search engines have what they need to serve up your videos when they match a user’s search criteria.


Get Products Featured on YouTube (for Free!)


Now, product companies and YouTubers can share products faster and easier than ever... for free.
Since launching our private beta early last spring, Content BLVD has quickly become one of the most exciting marketing tools in a rapidly evolving media landscape. We make it dead simple to get products featured in YouTube videos, and we're on a path to do much more. Our beta is now open to the public!
Click here to see how it works.


What Makes Content BLVD Different

Today, effective product marketing requires more than brand awareness. More even than "branded content." Definitely more than ads. Consumers aren't convinced by the things companies have to say. They want social proof-- independent, trusted sources of product information and insight-- to feel good about buying a product.
Maybe they just want to know if it's cool. They can't turn to company websites to learn that. They turn to places like YouTube for authentic video content from people they trust. Not more advertisements.


YouTube creators have the audience, and more importantly, they have the trust. Our marketplace helps companies tap into that trust by sharing their products directly with YouTubers, quickly and easily.  Unlike other influencer marketing platforms, product companies can secure unpaid product placements through Content BLVD for nothing more than the cost of the product.


In other words, companies share products with YouTubers who would like them purely for the purpose of using them in reviews or how-to videos, because products make great content! Not because they're getting paid to make a sponsored video which must be disclosed as such-- a type of ad.


Getting products into YouTube videos as unpaid placements is important for three big reasons.


  1. Unpaid placements are considered editorial content, or earned media, not advertising. That means YouTubers have creative control over what they produce, and can remain independent of the companies they choose to share with their audiences. It's just like PR in which a reporter writes about a new product without being paid to endorse it.
  2. Because videos with unpaid placements are not ads, they can be used again and again to help create additional awareness through organic search, and even help drive product sales right on a company's website.
  3. Unpaid deals create opportunities for thousands of smaller product companies and YouTube channels who have been cut out of the expensive sponsored video market. Now, many more products have a real shot at being discovered, while smaller YouTube channels have many more opportunities to share worthwhile products with their audiences.


And by making our marketplace completely free, we're growing Content BLVD into the most active and engaged influencer marketing community in the world. Unpaid product placement deals are a core component, but they're just one part of our vision.


Why We're Doing It

We believe in leveling the playing field for smaller companies, as well as for thousands of YouTube channels who proudly serve their loyal viewers. We don't think it's fair that only the companies with the biggest marketing budgets can win. Nor do we think only the biggest YouTube channels should have a chance to work with companies.


We're building Content BLVD for product companies and YouTubers to help both parties to find each other, build relationships, and create the kind of marketing that consumers actually enjoy.


At the same time, we are working on a number of premium features companies can use to gain more benefit from their influencer marketing efforts, while also providing means for influencers to get paid. The media business is no longer about network TV, newspapers and magazines. Every person with a YouTube channel owns his or her own media property, and has the attention of an audience, no matter it's size. We think that's worth something and YouTubers deserve to earn revenue like any other media property does.


We're Growing Crazy Fast

To date, over 4,200 YouTube channels have joined Content BLVD, reaching a total audience of over 132 million subscribers. While YouTubers do care about the companies they work with, they care about their audiences even more. That's why they're on the hunt for new products-- to be the source of information their audiences crave.


Effective product marketers know that to truly reach an audience, you can't orchestrate your own social proof. Which is why 1,700 product companies have taken the plunge on Content BLVD and have shared their products with YouTubers over 6,000 times.


We're happy to say that videos featuring products from Content BLVD have captured 11.4 million views!


Here's the coolest thing about those statistics: We did it despite being an invite-only platform, operating on a limited feature set. Now that our private beta days our over, things are about to get real. Opening up our beta to the public while also making it free will allow more products and more YouTubers to enter our ecosystem, creating new opportunities for all users to get more of what they want.


To make it easier for users to interact, we've improved YouTuber profiles, added in-app messaging, and we've given YouTubers a way to tell companies the type of video they intend to create when offering to feature a product. More improvements like these are rolling out almost every week.


If you haven't already listed a product to share with YouTubers, now's the perfect time! There's no cost, no risk, and no obligation.

Click here to get started.


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Why Content BLVD is Building an Influencer Marketplace, not an Agency, a Network or an Ad Platform


As industries go, the world of marketing and advertising has undergone rapid change in the past 20 years. And it's not about to slow down. Our mission at Content BLVD is to get out in front of that change, rather than react to it; to facilitate marketing that actually adds to the consumer experience. We think an influencer marketplace is the best way to do that.

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