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Working together.

Our marketplace makes it ridiculously
fast, easy and FREE.


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1. List your product.

It only takes a moment and doesn't cost a thing. An image and a description is
all you need. We approve most listings for the marketplace within a few hours.

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2. Evaluate requests.

When YouTubers request your product, check out their channel's reach,
demographics and sample videos, then click "decline" or "accept." You can also
browse recommended channels and invite ones you like.

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3. Watch videos go live.

Keep tabs on everything from one handy dashboard: Track shipments, message YouTubers and monitor video performance. No email. No spreadsheets.

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That's all there is to it. Really.



HIW – Digital PR

Digital PR with a dash of awesome sauce.

There's a reason you're here and not simply buying ads. It could be because ads are too expensive. Or it could be because 92% of consumers trust independent earned media, like YouTube reviews, more than all other forms of advertising. (It's probably a bit of both.)

Anymore, consumers can sniff out branded content from a mile away. After decades of having brand messages pushed on them, consumers are taking charge. They have the power to seek out the information they want, and the ability to ignore everything they don't.
That means companies can't push brand messages like they used to and interrupt consumers with ads. It's just not effective. Instead, they've got to get products inside the content their target consumers already enjoy. That's one heck of a challenge... unless of course you have a marketplace like Content BLVD.

Our marketplace makes YouTuber outreach and communications fast and efficient, while helping you choose the right YouTubers for your products. And the dashboard makes it easy to keep track of it all. That's a big deal if you're trying to capture as many media impressions as you can in a short amount of time.
Anyone who has spent many hours trying to find and work with YouTube creators will tell you, it can be a rough go. PR in general is hard. It's not up to you whether any given influencer, publisher, or YouTuber will feature your product. It's not up to you what they'll say. That's what makes it earned media, and why consumers pay attention.

So remember, as you choose the YouTubers you think can share your product effectively, this isn't better, cheaper advertising. It's very different. YouTubers want to please you, sure, but they always want to please their audience more. And that's what makes their content so effective.

Case Study: Aquis Hair Towels

Case Study: Aquis Hair Towels

44% more traffic. 20% more sales.


Isn't it just lovely when a marketing plan comes together? That's what happened this summer for Suveen Sahib, COO of Aquis Hair Towels, when he decided to ramp up his YouTube marketing efforts through Content BLVD.

HIW – Social Proof

Beyond Brand Awareness: YouTubers
Give Your Products Social Proof.

That's an important part of what makes Content BLVD special. Unlike other influencer marketing platforms where YouTube creators are paid to feature products, our marketplace facilitates unpaid placements. YouTubers choose products because they would make great video content, not because they're paid to push a specific brand message.

That's a really big deal. Here's why.


  • Companies don't have editorial control over the video content, which makes them earned media, the holy grail of PR since long before YouTube existed.

  • Unpaid placements aren't ads, so they can be used as legitimate editorial content again and again, even helping improve organic search (SEO).

  • They are exactly what consumers are looking for: independent, informative, trustworthy content, because they provide something paid sponsored content never can: social proof.

Of course, you can buy brand awareness with ads and sponsored content. But that won't give your target consumers what they really want. They want independent sources to validate your product.

Consumers want proof that your product is worth considering.

A single mention in conversation, a quick tweet, or a review in a YouTube video can do more to sway a consumer than an entire book of marketing collateral or an advertising blitz. We're naturally tuned in to what those around us are doing, and we assume they probably know things we don't know. We seek out social proof to help make all sorts of choices every day, because no one has the time to figure out everything for themselves. And no one wants to be the last to find out.
But gaining that proof is a challenge for smaller companies with lesser-known products. You can't afford to buy awareness like the big brands can, and you don't have the time or resources to get in front of enough YouTubers to get your products seen and talked about. That's why we built Content BLVD.

We believe in a world where the best products, not just the biggest ad budgets, win. And it all starts by getting your product in front of your target consumers through content they trust.

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Get your products some social proof.