Get Paid to Write Original Blog Articles for Content BLVD

How To Get Paid To Write
As we’ve said, Content BLVD provides outsourced guest blogging services for our clients. We do that by sourcing great, original content from skilled writers like you, then offering the content for free to quality, relevant blogs.
We pay writers “on spec,” and pay more for articles that are placed on high PageRank (PR) blogs. The work has to be good enough for a blog owner who is unaffiliated with ContentBLVD to want to publish it on his or her site.
When an article is successfully placed, we pay our writers on a scale that currently ranges from $12 at the low end to $48 on the high end. Full details of our payment rates are available to writers who successfully complete our application process.
In order to be considered, the following must apply to you:
You live in the United States and are eligible to work here.
You are comfortable working on spec., knowing that it’s possible you might not be paid for every piece you write, and that the payment amount will not be determined until the article is published.
You can produce interesting, readable, professional, original content (we run copyscape to check).
Your work is substantive (600+ words) and well organized (with subheadings).
You understand normal conventions for quoting others and citing sources.
You can produce work in a timely manner (usually within 2-3 days).
You do not write spam, keyword-stuffed, or spun content. No such articles will be accepted.
You are comfortable working as a ghost writer — you will not be credited as the article author.
You will follow the many guidelines and best practices we’ve compiled to help you be a successful writer at ContentBLVD.
How to apply? Before you apply, please read all of the pages in our Write for Us section. If you’re nodding your head in agreement with our every suggestion, it’s time to apply.
From our front page, click the big “Apply Now” button on the Writers billboard. You’ll enter some basic user info to register with our system. Shortly thereafter, you’ll receive a confirmation email from ContentBLVD. Be sure to check your spam folder to make sure it doesn’t get lost! In that email, you’ll find a link to our application.
Click the confirmation link or paste it into your browser, and fill out the application completely. We require links to at least two of your social networking profiles so we can verify that you are a real human who is interested in writing for us. You’ll also be prompted to provide a thoughtful answer to a question about writing. Once you’re finished, submit the application.
It may take a few days for us to process your application, but we’ll get back to you as soon as we’re able. If what you’ve provided suggests your talents may be better put to use elsewhere, we’ll let you know. But, hopefully everything checks out and you’ll be approved.
Approved! Once your application has been approved, you can log in to our Writers Dashboard. The first thing you will see is the Assignment Wall. The wall lists our current campaigns, along with details on the articles we currently need to have written. Each campaign has a number of columns with details important to the campaign. Click the button “View” on the right side of any row to get all the info on that campaign.
We often suggest topics that will help us fulfill our clients’ campaigns. If you think you could write an article based on a topic we provide (or can write something worthwhile about a very similar topic) it’s up to you to produce an article that’s good enough to be accepted as a guest post on a blog. You do this by clicking the “Opt In” button from the individual campaign View page. Then, from the Assignment Wall page, click the heading “My Assignments” and submit an article.
Our system is in Beta, and we’re adding functionality all the time, so please bear with us if you encounter any errors or mistakes. We’re working to make it as intuitive as possible.
Please note: We do filter out bad content, give advice for improvements, and make minor edits to acceptable pieces. However, even if we accept an article, we still have to market it to blogs. Only after a blog accepts the piece will you be paid. We’re pretty good at knowing what will get placed, so pieces we accept are placed about 90% of the time.
If this appeals to you, we encourage you to apply to join us. Click on the Apply Now button on the front page of our site.
In addition to open assignments, we plan to give good writers the opportunity to write about whatever they like (so long as it’s marketable content blogs will want to post), and even feature their own attributed content on our site. Eventually, we may have higher compensation tiers than at present.
If you think this gig is for you, please apply. We are working hard to keep good writers very busy!
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