Free Blog Content That You’ll Actually Want to Post

Content is the name of the game. High quality guest content, to be specific.
We write new, original and interesting content for our clients, then help
them publish that content on other relevant and authoritative websites.
They’ve got to get their good ideas out to the world, and that’s what they
pay us and our writers to do.
White Hat Link Building Service
To be found and respected online, it isn’t enough to publish good
ideas just on your own site– you’ve got to publish in a lot of places.
Guest blogging is one of the most popular ways to make that happen
because it provides both parties something of value. Most of our articles
are offered as guest posts, which means free content for you.
By sharing a good article with another site for free, the person who
wrote (or commissioned) the piece gets credit in the form of a link,
while the host blog gets something new to share with their readers.
It’s a completely voluntary exchange based on the merits of the content.
Authoritative Blogs Get Better Content
As you might expect, our clients don’t want low quality links.
Who does? So, the higher your blog’s PageRank, the more content
we can offer for free. Having a position of influence online, sites
with higher PageRank get to be the opinion-makers, so to speak.
Currently, we can’t offer free content to blogs of PR 0 or 1.
The value of links from these sites isn’t attractive enough to our
clients. However, any legitimate blog is welcome to purchase our original
articles for their own use, to publish as they wish. If you buy the
article, it’s yours– no links required.
Making Content Creation Easier for Everyone
Because our clients outsource their content publication needs
to us, they gain the benefits of having much larger writing and
marketing departments, without all the hassle and expense of
actually hiring and managing all those people.
Choosing to publish our articles, bloggers gain the same benefits!
We scale content production.
With a growing crowd of skilled writers vying for the opportunity to write
about the topics our clients need, we can produce a wide array of great
articles in no time. Register with us to browse the gallery, or request an article.
We scale blog outreach.
If there’s one thing we know, it’s that blogs want more and better content, and
they want it for free. Since we offer a wide array of content, and can even
produce many articles per blog owner’s request, lots of them are reaching out
to us. If you’re a blog owner, chances are good that’s the reason you’re
here. (Did you register yet?)
We earn high quality back links.
Links are the currency of SEO, and PR gives them value. When you have high PR,
you get the benefit of great free content coming your way. When you want it,
you’ve got to create the content (or let us do it for you). Either way, our
platform ensures that both parties are happy.
Free Content Doesn’t Mean Cheap Content
We know you don’t want to pollute your site with lousy content that lends no
value to your readers and hurts your brand. That’s probably why you turn down
so many requests from would-be guest bloggers, or get frustrated with how
little valuable content you find sifting through the various exchanges
out there.
Just because we provide the option to post our articles for free,
that doesn’t mean they’re cheap. All of our articles are:
written for readers, not search engines
original, Copyscape-proofed
enjoyable to read with real take-aways
never keyword-stuffed or spammy
never promotional
Our clients’ names are in the byline. They trust us to protect and improve
their online reputations. The last thing we would do is make them look
bad and harm your blog in the process. Our mission is to get more great
content published. Period. When content is better, everyone wins.
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