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Create a Profile
As a brand advertiser or agency representative, start by creating a
free profile using one of your social accounts, such as LinkedIn.
Like any online marketplace, people need to feel confident to do
business together. So take a moment to add your photo and tell
content creators a little about yourself.
Add the Brands You Manage
Tell content creators about your brands, so they can see why your
product would be a good fit for their audience.
Content BLVD is designed to allow companies and their agencies
to manage multiple brand or product campaigns at once.
So add as many brand profiles as you like.
Search Placement Opportunities
Our marketplace lets content creators list the opportunities they
have available on each of their properties. So you can find hidden
inventory on blogs, YouTube channels, upcoming TV shows, movies
and events that is otherwise difficult to uncover.
Filter and browse by channel, reach, demographics and topics to find
the best fits for your brand. And we’ll send you notifications based on
your preferences, so you never miss a new placement opportunity.
Offer to Buy Placements You Like
Easily compare the opportunities content creators share to plan
your media buy. When you’re ready to make some offers, our messaging�
feature makes communication with lots of content creators fast and
convenient, allowing you to work on many placements at once.
And because Content BLVD is a cross-channel platform, you can manage
everything from a blogger’s paid review to a local event sponsorship
all in one place.
See Your Brand Integrations Go Live
When you’ve found the right partners and negotiated the deals
that work for you, there’s nothing left but to go live! There are
as many potential deal structures as there are media partners.
Because payments, timeline and integration type vary widely between
blogs, YouTube, TV shows and events, we never restrict the kinds of
deals you can do. We’re just here to help make them happen.